Cornerstone Veterinary Clinic

Cornerstone Veterinary Clinic

Cornerstone Veterinary Clinic

”Love, compassion and care for animals lies at the heart of our clinic.”

Peter Herold Founder and Senior Veterinary Surgeon
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Exceptional care
for you and your pet.

When an animal is brought to us, it is often a part of the family, a friend and a companion. To entrust this animal in someone elses care is difficult, especially if the pet is unwell. As we understand that well, we are always working very closely together with the owner: we have time to listen, we explain different treatment options and we are open about the charges involved with them. 

With our extensive range of diagnostic tools, our experience and knowledge and modern equipment our focus is always the well being and the qualtiy of life of the patient entrusted in our care. 

Meet our team